The Best Things about Golfing in the Autumn and How to Enjoy It to the Fullest

Cassandra Toroian
4 min readNov 4, 2022

You may think the end of the summer sunshine is time to put away the clubs until spring, right? Wrong! Fall is an outstanding season to hit the links and enjoy some of the best golfing of the year. Golfing in the autumn has many unique pleasures. Here’s how to enjoy it to the fullest.

Why Fall Golfing Is so Much Fun

Spring and summer may be the prime seasons for golfing, but autumn has some advantages that make it a great time to take to the course.

The weather is amazing.

Fall weather tends to be cooler, and that means no sweating during the excessive heat and humidity that sometimes accompany a day on the links during the dog days of summer. A light, cool breeze on a nice autumn day is invigorating, and walking the course is less draining once the temperatures are out of the high 80s.

The course is gorgeous.

In the fall, the courses tend to be in great shape. They’ve been tended extensively during the peak golfing seasons, and the grass benefits from that little extra bit of moisture and dew associated with cooler weather. Depending on where one lives, the change of season may also bring with it the brilliant fall colors that make the entire experience come alive with bright reds, oranges, and yellows. The edges of the course contrast strongly with the green of the grass to make a beautiful tableau. A rising sun in the morning accentuates the fall colors.

The pace is slower.

Because the majority of golfers end their outings around the end of summer, the courses themselves are less crowded. Tee times are easier to reserve, and there is less of a rushed atmosphere. Fewer players equal a more leisurely paced game. The slower season carries lower fees, too, as course owners are happy to be filling spots and bringing in revenue of any kind after Labor Day. Bargains can be found everywhere, so take advantage of them.

You’ve had all summer to practice.

Hopefully, after an entire spring and summer of regular golfing, players will have honed their skills and be playing their best golf in the fall. Anyone looking to try to achieve some great scores will have an excellent opportunity during the fall. The extra practice on the course also shortens the off-season, so shaking off the rust in the spring should be that much easier.

Tips to Make Fall Golfing More Enjoyable

Remember it’s cooler and darker out.

Brisk temperatures, especially in the morning, can be quite a surprise for the first-time fall golfer. Bring along some warmer clothing just in case the mercury drops below a level you find comfortable. Consider packing some earmuffs and handwarmers, too, so the cold doesn’t cause any severe inconveniences. A pocket flashlight can be helpful in the early morning before the sun rises enough to provide sufficient light.

Enjoy the change of pace.

Cooler temperatures allow for walking the course rather than relying on a cart. The exercise keeps you warm and is healthy as well. Fall golfing means not worrying about heat exhaustion, so take your time and enjoy the view. Consider taking some pictures of the course and surroundings during the round.

Work on your skill set.

Along with more available tee times, players will find that local golf coaches have more time for lessons during the fall season. This is a great time to improve your game with tips from a pro. Lessons learned can then be practiced on the course right away. Fall golf comes with less pressure to perform, so the opportunity is there for testing out new skills or working to improve the parts of one’s game that are in need of work.

Adjust your playstyle to the season.

The colder weather changes the nature of the course, so be aware of the differences. The grass will have a firmer feel, and balls will have a tendency to roll farther than you are used to. Adjusting one’s game to the different conditions will be a learning experience that could come in handy down the road when playing on unfamiliar courses.

Try a new course.

Speaking of new courses, because of lower demand, fall is a fantastic time to try out courses that appear up on every player’s bucket list. It will be a lot easier to reserve time on a famous course in the fall than during the peak season. Ever wanted to play on a course that hosted a famous championship or classic game? Fall might be the best time to do so. Take advantage of the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the game’s all-time greats.

Make it a tradition!

Fall golfing can be just as exciting and enjoyable as peak season play. There are advantages to playing in the fall that can create a whole new experience. Playing in the autumn may even become an annual tradition.



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